Mafi Trailers

Busby’s Gooseneck Mafi Trailer and Roll Pallets are designed for quick, easy and safe transportation of oversized cargo in the ports.

Busby’s standard platform is 40’ long and 10’ wide with a fixed gooseneck with a capacity of 75 ton.  Deck height is approximately 35-36” above the ground with a ground clearance of approximately 11-12”.  Busby’s standard trailer also comes with a wooden deck and solid rubber tires.

Busby can design and build for many payload requirements including wider, longer and higher tonnages.  Capacity up to 200 ton.

Contact your Busby International representative today for more information about customizing your Mafi Trailer.


Mafi Trailers


  • Fork Lift Pockets
  • Gathering Guides
  • Stacking Cones
  • Stanchion Pockets
  • D-Rings
  • Tie-Down Bars
  • Steel Deck
  • Brakes

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