Gathering Chassis — Bombcart

When you have a full storage container to move, you don’t want to worry about how you’re going to transport it. To haul your load quickly and efficiently, you need a trailer that’s going to get the job done. That’s where Busby International Manufacturing comes in. Our Gathering Chassis (or bombcart) trailers are heavy duty and made to withstand the snow, sleet, gravel and rain while you’re transporting and repositioning cargo containers.

Busby Gathering Chassis are 46’7” long, 9’3” wide with a deck height of 58’ when unloaded. These trailers are designed for dock side transportation for easy loading and unloading. Specialized manufactured versions of this trailer can handle containers up to 53 feet long. Gathering Chassis are for off-road use only, capable of repeatedly withstanding the impact stresses presented when dropping a fully loaded container, plus a 27,000 lbs. spreader beam and a 6,000 lbs. head block onto the chassis (from a 12 foot height.)

Every Gathering Chassis comes with eight solid rubber tires on steel wheels, and are equipped with six permanently mounted gathering guide bolsters, two on each side and one in both the front and rear.

Busby Gathering Chassis are customizable, and can be equipped with optional items such as front- and mid-pop-up styles using spring pneumatic and counterbalance, landing gear types, rear gathering guides, wheel and axle deflectors, container alignment and more.

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See specifications for detailed information:

Metal products Steel plates, shapes and bars for trailer frame: ASTM 242, 572, 5898 etc., minimum

Gussets, caps, and miscellaneous steel: A36

Structural steel products: ASTM A500 Grade B, minimum

Bolts: ASTM A307

Size: 46’7” long, 9’3” wide, 58’ deck height (unloaded)

Tare weight: 20,250 lbs.


Gathering Chassis — Bombcart

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