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What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is one of the most precise cutting styles in steel fabrication and design. In plasma cutting, high-speed plasma or a gas cut through molten metal to create a shape. Gas is also directed around the perimeter of the cutting area to shield the cut, which increases precision.

The high-speed and precision of this fabrication style make plasma cutting one of the most sought-after types of cutting.

Table information
Hornet HD 10’x25’ cut table with a Hypertherm PXR300

Plasma cutting is a versatile type of fabrication and can cut through up to 4 inches of many types of material, including:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Benefits of plasma cutting

  • Affordability — Plasma cutting is one of the most affordable types of cutting, especially if the project does not call for extreme detail. If it does, waterjet cutting will be more suited for your project!
  • Metal thickness — plasma cutting can cut metals up to 4 inches thick
  • Cutting speed — Plasma cutters are up to five times faster than traditional types of cutting. It can also cut up to 215 inches per minute (26 GA).
  • Ease — Plasma cutters are easy to program and use, which means a quicker turnaround for our customers.
  • Safety — Despite using high temperatures, plasma cutters keep the materials they’re cutting cool, which is safer for the user, and prevents warping. The gasses these cutters use are not highly flammable, which increases the safety of plasma cutters.

These benefits to plasma cutting cut production and labor costs, and improve the quality of the product. The team at Busby International is excited to pass these savings on to our customers!

Do you have a project you’re ready to get started? Regardless of the project, the team at Busby International is available to help you complete any type of project, including design, fabrication, and cutting.

What is your next fabrication project? Give our team a call today to get started.

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